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  • How much do your soap bars weigh?
    Our soap bars weigh roughly 78 grams each. As these are handmade, the weight of each bar may vary slightly.
  • What size are your soap bars?
    Our soap bars are approximately 4cm squared each. As these are hand made in small batches, exact size may vary slightly.
  • How long will each soap bar last?
    Each soap bar will last you from 3 - 4 weeks (depending on how you use them). We advise keeping them somewhere where water can easily drain from the bar, as prolonged time in water will effect how long your soap bar will last.
  • How many face masks will I get from each bottle?
    Our face masks provide 10 - 12 masks per bottle. This is based on the "how to use" instructions on the bottle.
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    We sure do! For all wholesale enquires, please contact us.
  • Do you offer personalised soap bars for weddings or baby showers?
    Yes, we do! For all personalised order enquires, please send contact us.
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