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Made in Melbourne in small batches by our mother-daughter team, all de Chalain Soap bars and face masks are cruelty-free, handmade, and organic.

As our handmade products are all-natural and preservative-free, we recommend using them within 12 months of receiving your order. All products should be stored in a cool area (below 30°C) and out of direct sunlight.


While our products are designed to be used on all skin types, if you do have sensitive skin we recommend doing a patch test prior to use and discontinue use if necessary. If you do have sensitive skin and would like to discuss the products or ingredients used, please feel free to get in touch.


All of our soap bars are made using the industry standard amount of essential oils - this may result in a product with a milder fragrance. As our soap bars are all hand made, the colour and strength of scent may vary between batches. This just means that each product is unique and you can rest assured that it is made by a human being and not churned out by a machine.

All products stocked but not made by de Chalain Soap are cruelty-free and sourced with the impact on the planet considered - this means we ensure all companies that we work with align with our values and adhere to fair work practices and take steps to minimise their environmental footprint.

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